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How AI can optimise performance at noise-constrained facilities

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Wednesday, 19 May
60 minutes. Two time slots.

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Learn how you can apply artificial intelligence to improve noise management and optimise performance at industrial facilities and worksites.

The challenge

Mining noise

Increased awareness of environmental health and safety is driving industrial operators to improve management of noise emissions. As a result, continuous monitoring is becoming more common.

However, most alerts from continuous monitoring are due to non-industrial sources such as bird song, road traffic or operation of domestic equipment.

The cost of this alarm flooding can be significant, often resulting in excessive curtailment of activities and diverting attention from genuine noise alerts or production-critical tasks.

The solution

Recent research and development by Wood has shown that artificial intelligence can classify noise events with the same accuracy as subject matter experts, making it possible to exclude extraneous noise from monitored noise data.

This technique can reduce noise alerts by around 95%, while improving the operator’s ability to avoid or respond to noise exceedances and minimising the impact on production.

In this webinar, we will describe five potential noise management approaches and present examples of each in action.

Port noise management

You’ll learn how to:  

Identify the most suitable noise management approach for your operation

Select the noise monitoring and analytics technologies needed to support the approach

Implement the approach in a noise management plan

Who should attend

This webinar is relevant to environmental, operations and community engagement professionals and anyone responsible for dealing with environmental noise emissions.


A certificate of completion that may be submitted for professional development hour (PDH) credits* will be provided upon request at the end of the session (see feedback survey).  

The session will take about 60 minutes

*This webinar is intended to assist participants in retaining and expanding their knowledge base. Wood will provide a certificate for attending the live webinar if requested at the end of the session. Acceptance as development credits is at the discretion of the organisation that receives the submittal. 

About Wood noiseAI

Wood noiseAI classifies sound emissions instantly and as accurately as human experts. 

Using machine learning, the technology automates the assessment of noise monitoring data, allowing users to optimise operations while protecting their social license to operate.

noiseAI can reduce alerts by more than 20x (-95%), improving the operator’s ability to avoid or respond to actual noise exceedances while minimising the impact on operations and compliance.

This puts a digital expert at the fingertips of operators and noise analysts to improve productivity without increasing the risk of a non-compliance or complaint.

How noiseAI can improve outcomes at noise‑constrained facilities, worksites or infrastructure:

  • Classifies sounds as they are sensed, providing deeper and more timely insight that enables bolder noise management action
  • Unlocks missed production opportunities, avoiding restrictions by false alarms and overly conservative curtailment while maintaining compliance
  • Relieves analysis burden and allows operators to focus on managing production-related noise levels by eliminating the ‘noise’ in the data
  • Ensures consistency in noise evaluation, with 24/7 availability
  • Supports accountability and transparency for reporting, auditing and quality control. AI performance can be supervised by subject matter experts through regular benchmarking.
  • Integrates with existing systems; sensor agnostic and remote-deployable via cloud infrastructure
  • Reduces noise management costs; available through a monthly subscription without setup fee


noiseAI has been successfully deployed for many types of industrial sites, including wind energy, ports, construction, refining and mining operations as well as in smart cities.

Our asset integrity and reliability solutions are designed by engineers for engineers, fuelled by our deep understanding of design, operational and maintenance challenges.

Email webinars@woodplc.com with any questions.

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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

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