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Testing the limits

Integrity evaluation of small-bore piping connections

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Many industry experts believe that small-bore connection failures represent a high risk for the integrity of facility piping and need more attention during design and when conducting field vibration surveys. 

In this free webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Understand gaps and overcome challenges with vibration guidelines (including discussion on the upcoming API 579 Part 16 guidelines)
  • Evaluate and mitigate small-bore failure risks during design
  • Identify high-risk areas and assess the failure potential of small-bore connections during operations
  • Address multiple fatigue threats and consider the industry approach to qualitative and quantitative analyses, based on both Energy Institute and GMRC guidelines
  • Apply practical solutions to reduce small-bore connection vibration risks and avoid failures
Crack in small-bore connection
Small bore FEA

You’ll learn how to:

Evaluate the integrity of
small-bore piping connections

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Reduce small-bore piping vibration risks during design

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Avoid small-bore connection failures during operations

Who should attend

This webinar is relevant to process, piping, machinery and integrity engineers and project managers responsible for piping, integrity and reliability activities with EPCs and operating companies.


Chris Harper

Chris Harper, BSc, PEng Principal consultant, static equipment and structures

Chris has 22 years’ experience in the field of vibration, stress and failure analysis. 

He has been with Wood for over 18 years, gaining extensive experience in piping vibration, stress and failure analysis, finite element modeling, pulsation simulation, FIV/AIV, rotating equipment vibration and dynamic structural analysis. In his current role as principal consultant, Chris oversees and provides specialist advice on high-profile customer projects.

Chris has led several research initiatives on piping vibration. He has been an instructor at the GMRC course Compressor Station Vibration since 2011 and has co-authored numerous papers and presentations. 

Our vibration analysis solutions are designed by engineers for engineers, fuelled by our deep understanding of design, operational and maintenance challenges.

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